Jacques Gabay, old scientific texts

One of the little pearls of Paris is the bookshop of Jacques Gabay. The shop is small, the book spines are boring, the prices are high, and the opening hours are quirky (we never close later than five o’clock’), but this is a veritable paradise for the right kind of book lover. Jacques Gabay selects, publishes, and sells reprints of old scientific books. The subjects are restricted to mathematics, mechanics, physics, and chemistry, and of course the history of these subjects, but in these areas you can find all the great names: Ampère, Gauss, Laplace, Newton, Volterra, and Zermelo, they are all there, although only in french translations.

All the books have a minimal cover: plain white, with just the title, author, publisher, and ISBN. But inside these plain covers there are the important books of their time; the advances of the sciences that modern science is still built upon.

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