Padaria e Confeitaria Rio-Lisboa

Padaria e Confeitaria (Bakery and Confectionery) Rio-Lisboa is one of the remnants of an older Rio de Janeiro. Nowadays Leblon, the neighbourhood of Rio-Lisboa, is a very up-market part of Rio de Janeiro. Copacabana and Ipanema are world-famous for their beaches, but the same beach continues in Leblon, and the richer Brazilians have realised that. Consequently, it is not so much a touristic area, but it is growing into an area of chique apartment buildings and the chique shops, shopping malls, and restaurants that serve the people living in those apartments. Still, the takeover is far from complete.

Rio-Lisboa is a leftover of the times before Leblon started to grow rich. It is a simple place for everyone. The bakery sells simple bread and sweets such as corn cake, there is a small supermarket for daily food, and there is a bar. And it never closes. The rich pensioners from the apartments nearby sit at the tables for a coffee and chat, street sweepers have a quick coffee and sandwich at the bar (it is cheaper there), and everyone goes there for some quick shopping.

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